St. Rita Foundation Nursery and Primary Inclusive School-Buea

Our Motto:

Valuing Individual Differences through Greater Opportunities


The Vision

The school came about because of my personal experience as a mother of a child with disabilities, and also as a certified teacher for more than 20 years in the Cameroon education system. Raising my son in a system where there were no services for him was a challenging experience. This situation left me with a passion for educating myself to help not only my own son, but all other children like him.

Now, as a special education professional and advocate, I have created the St. Rita School to provide special education services for special needs children in inclusive class

What I Have Done So Far

St. Rita's school opened its doors to the first set of students in September 2012, as a co-educational institution providing education services to pupils in pre-school through class six, using an Inclusive Education Model.

The school at present offers many special programs outside of the regular curriculum through a hands-on program at all grade levels. These programs include individualized isntruction for pupils with disabilities who demonstrate learning needs, sign language, and the reader program. The school currently has an enrollment of 164 pupils, 8 teachers, 2 nursery attendants, and the head teacher. Out of the 164 pupils, 4 of them have never been to school before because of their disabilities. They and their families are excited to be members of a school where they are valued, and which promises to provide an education to every student.  

The school is presently housed in a temporary site, and offers many special programs outside of the regular curriculum through a hands-on learning program for all grade levels.

What the School Needs Most 

We are seeking international partners that can provide special education personnel. We need buildings that are disability friendly. We need a transportation system that can accommodate children with disabilities. We need a well-equipped library for both students and teachers.

Our students struggle to pay for the school, transportation, and general living expenses. We are seeking sponsors for each child, or just a donation to the school.

My Personal Experience

As the mother of a child with a disability, my experience has shaped my educational and professional development because I want to be able to help not only my son but thousands of similar children. My long-term goal is to play a role in providing special education services to special needs children/children with disabilities in Cameroon.

Because I have been fighting for my son to get an education and want other children with special needs in Cameroon to have those opportunities too, St Rita is now using an Inclusive Model of Education to provide special education services to children with disabilities /special needs in inclusive classrooms. There is a need to change people’s beliefs about disability and in particular for parents and educators to know that children with special needs are just like other children. People need to understand that children with special needs just have a different learning style from their peers.  

Hopefully St. Rita Foundation School for Children with Special Needs will provide special needs children the unique opportunity to develop their potential.

If you can help, please go to the Contribute page on this website, or contact Keith Wilson, Ph.D., at or Margaret Mbeseha, Ph.D.,

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