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The Nwankem Benevolent Foundation (NBF) is a Nonprofit Organization
serving vulnerable children in West Africa, Cameroon with a 501(c) (3) status. NBF’s tax Identification Number is 110969460. Orphans, children with disabilities and At-risk children often find themselves at a great disadvantage in both the medical and education sectors. It is for this reason that NBF is organized to deliver social services and programs that provide long-lasting effects in children and youths in their own communities by improving their access to education and better medical care.

Nwankem Benevolent Foundation (NBF) was organized as a Nonprofit Organization in the USA to raise funds and galvanize resources to support programs that benefit these children. On the other hand, Nwankem Benevolent Association of Cameroon (NBAC)is an arm of the NBF based in Cameroon that coordinates and manages the available funds and resources. NBAC is a non-governmental organization authorized to operate under the provisions of the Cameroon non-governmental organizations. The main reason behind both organizations is to provide social services for the vulnerable children in our local community as a way of giving back to society.



  • To develop the capacity of individuals with disabilities
  • To promote networking amongst communities and families of children with disabilities
  • To mobilize resources to support the wellbeing of children with disabilities
  • To promote educational right equality
  • To improve on the health of children especially children with disabilities
  • To give opportunities to the less privileged to acquire a quality and equitable education

Thank You!

The Nwankem Benevolent Foundation would like to thank you for your generous gifts and donations. Your commitment to helping vulnerable children in Cameroon, West Africa is sincerely appreciated.