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Sandra & Kevin Jones
Dr. Enowmpey Enowtambong
David & Patricia Schulte
Dr. Laura Roost
Kathryn Peters
Dr. Peter Akufongwe
Martin Nzefe

Dr. Eric Tangumonkem
William Taylor & Andrea Mastro
Martin Ayaba
Dr. Ada C. Okika
Kelli Simpkins
Beth Moss
Anne Morgan Giroux

Jim Anderson
Katy Kaplan
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Roseline Mbulle

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Christy Ndive
Jarvis Ndumbe

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Mary Cadden
Andrew Sicree

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Emmanuel Khumbah
Anne Marie Dawson
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Stuart & Michele Merkel
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Ms. Noreen Esuke
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Dr. Marcel Uzowihe
Dr. Ekokobe Fonkem

Dr. John Nkengasong
Mr. Emmanuel Amingwa
Sara Gill
Dr. Vivian Yanika Agbaw
Beth Swedeen
Dr. Grace Hampton
Mr. Mohammed Nadhir Muntaka


Knight of Columbus,

Penn State University

Knight of Columbus - Father O’Hanlon

COUNCIL No.4678 State College, PA

Our Lady of Victory Catholic School

State College, PA

Catholic Daughters-Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church

State College, PA

On behalf of the children and their families, we say thank you so very much. You All remain a big blessing to the NBF family. Sincerely, we hope that you will continue to partner with us in our commitment to reaching out to many more vulnerable children in Cameroon. Your reward is guaranteed from God Almighty!!!!

It is with humility and gratitude that we acknowledge your continuous support to the Nwankem Benevolent Foundation for our mission in Cameroon. We highly appreciate your good will and generosity. Your charitable donations, both in kind and in cash are the reason vulnerable children and their families greatly benefit from our mission of providing them access to better healthcare, equitable and quality education.