St. Rita School Anthem


We all have a purpose and reason to be.
In answer to our Mother Nature
For everyone has its own story
As we all face our life challenges
We all deserve, deserve a try.
Welcoming all Abilities and strengths
We should be loved for who we are.
‘Cuz deep inside we all are a star.
And we all have the ability.
To be the best that we are

O Glorious name, our own Saint Rita
Advocate for us to live our destiny
And help us find the best in us.
To show how great that we can be
For we can-Yes we can be great
Yes we can- be great, Yes We can- be great (2x)

We are a dawning of a new way that
All children can achieve great success in life
So we have the faith and believe that we’re able
Because St Rita provides us the Hope
And turn away from us all life obstacles
So in our minds we have dreams and
Strive to make our dreams come true
As we are proud to be a part of
An inclusive culture that
Values individual differences