Vocational Training Programs.

Stem Program.

The St. Rita of Cascia Comprehensive College

 The St. Rita of Cascia Comprehensive College offers both grammar and commercial subjects. It also serves as another unique institution that offers innovative programs in Science, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) and a Vocational Training Program for Youths with disabilities.  The college is well set up with a Computer lab, Food and Nutrition lab, and a Science lab. With all these labs set up and well equipped, the students would have the opportunity to have hands-on experience in all the subjects that need practical experience. The college is currently having students in form one to four and will have form five in the academic year 2024/2025. In this case our first batch to sit for the GCE O’Level is expected to happen in June 2025.


Saint Rita of Cascia Comprehensive College Buea Anthem

Verse 1

We stand together with St. Rita our own dear Patroness.

To walk the halls of learning in pursuit of Knowledge and Godliness

Fount of true knowledge deep and sound gives us a solid foundation.

So, striving towards excellence is our very goal to stand the test of time.

With our hands and brain, we use to achieve this noble goal.



St. Rita, bless our dreams so we achieve our goals.

Our voices we join in praise of you, Your glory, so widely known, we proudly own

Gratefully, we sing Your name to the sky as we hold Your torch on high.

For in You we learn to strive and pray for our hopes to be nurtured, and dreams come true

Verse 2

Nurtured by St. Rita we would be the future pride of all.

By learning new things in a vibrant learning environment in our evolving society

To transform ourselves, our world, and create pathways for the welfare of humanity.

And be globally competitive with a strong personal identity that flourishes and grows.

Towards a bright tomorrow as universally competent citizens, and epitomes of noble values

May God grant all our wishes and make us the best products to benefit one and all.